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Builds changelog

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3.12 builds optimized with the new mythic set!07/21/2020
3.11 builds optimized with the new mythic set! Only the right toggle will be on builds page now!06/20/2020
3.10 builds optimized with the new mythic set! Also add a Poison Edge toggle!05/07/2020
Taco's Pet Fairy for lower SP count!04/26/2020
3.9 builds optimized with the new mythic set!04/14/2020
3.9 builds adaptation.
Please check the Reddit post
New RotoR's Clan Ship Farm pHoM & Fairy!03/24/2020
DreamXZE's SC Farm pHoM & Fairy and Teto's SC Whale Fairy updated for 3.8!03/22/2020
DreamXZE's SC Hybrid pHoM & Fairy updated for 3.8!03/20/2020
Taco's Pet Beginner & Pet Fairy updated for 3.8!03/19/2020
Taco's HS Mana Siphon updated for 3.8!03/18/2020
Taco's CS with Push ASh and RotoR's CS without ASh updated for 3.8!03/17/2020
DreamXZE's SC Push updated for 3.8!03/16/2020
Taco's CS beginner and DreamXZE's SC beginner updated for 3.8!03/15/2020
Builds are removed until the we update them for the 3.8 version!03/10/2020
Builds don't need any change. Still valid for 3.702/11/2019
Addition of the RotoR's CS No Ash (pHoM and Fairy) build! Taco's CS build is renamed to Taco's CS Ash build.
Few correction on the Taco's CS Ash build.
Builds don't need any change. Still valid for 3.511/26/2019
All Taco and DreamXZE build update for 3.4
Delete of the HS FC build.
SC/CS/Pet beginner still valid for 3.4. Update Taco's Pet Fairy build10/25/2019
Everything for 3.310/01/2019
Taco's HS Fairy Charm update for 3.208/13/2019
Taco's HS Mana Siphon & Manni Mana update for 3.208/11/2019
Correct some disclaimers.
Add fairy gold for Taco's CS and Pet beginner builds
Taco's HS MM,MS and FC add to the website.05/21/2019
Velina's SC SM hybrid update, CS SM farm & hyrbid add to the website.05/13/2019
Update all builds to 3.1. Delete timelord's, Teto's and velina's SC builds.05/12/2019
Italian translation for the Norse's and Timelord's SC Build.04/07/2019
French translation for Taco's CS beginner, Timelord's Pet pHoM/SC pHoM and Velina's SM SC Hybrid.
Spanish translation for Velin's SM SC farm.
Tagalog translation for DreamXZE's SC Hyrbid.
French translation for Taco's CS build.03/02/2019
Velina's SC SM farm updated, SC SM hybrid add to the website.02/27/2019
French and Spanish translation for Norse's SC build.
Italian translation for Taco's CS and both Pet builds, Timelord's SC and Teto's SC builds.
DreamXZE's SC hybrid build is now expand to 2100SP (both pHoM and Fairy)
Add of "How to do" guides on each build.
French translation of both DreamXZE's SC and Taco's pet beginner.
Delete of the GooN SC Farm build.
Addition of Spanish translation for Timelord's Pet/SC, both DreamXZE's SC, Teto's SC builds.
Merged both Pet pHoM low and hight SP builds into a single tab ([2.12.1][timelord] Pet pHoM) and same for SC builds ([2.12.1][timelord] SC push pHoM).01/17/2019
[2.12][Taco] Pet Fairy was added to the Compendium01/13/19
Merged both Clan Ship builds into a single tab ([2.12][Taco] Clan Ship pHom/Fairy) with the corresponding Searing Light levels01/07/19
[2.11][Taco] SC Chesterson/Fairy guide was removed and replaced by [2.12.1][DreamXZE] SC-ED Hybrid [pHoM/Fairy] guide.12/30/18