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Artifact optimiser

Created by Kookie, updated by Mmlh#9998
Client and Server designed by DreamXZE#1912

If you have any question regarding maths, you can join Mmlh's support server. For anything else, join the Tap Titans 2 Compendium support server.
Total Relics: Enter your lifetime relics from the stats page here.
Total Artifacs Owned+Ench.: Enter the number of artifacts you own, plus the number of enchantments you have (see profile for the former and the artifacts tab for the latter).
Build type: Select your build type.
Last hero: Enter main hero type.
Ascension: Enter your main hero ascension (You can see the acension on hero border) yellow Ascension 3, green Ascension 2, blue Ascention 1, grey no Ascension.
Gold Source: Enter your main gold type.
% of Relics to BoS or BoS level: Enter your actual BoS Level or switch to % of Relics to BoS.
% of relics not spent on BoS which are used: Enter the % of your relics that you didnt use on BoS. Note: This is to counter rounding errors as well.
Estimate AD: Estimates the best value for your Artifact Damage.
Durendal Push: Select if you want to durendal push.
Letter Notation: Select to output Letter notation.
Rounding: Percentage: If you press Percentage the artifacts will be sorted based on percentage.
Include: Select all your available artifacts.

Click to calc!


Timer off
Total Relics
Total Artifacs
Build type
Last hero
Gold Source
% of relics not spent on BoS which are used%
Estimate AD
Durendal Push
Letter Notation
Non include artifacts shown!
Total Unlocking Cost
Cost of suggestions
AcronymIdeal LevelPercentage ⮁Include